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Turkey Feathers
 You can order anything in these glaze color options. If you don't see the photo of something in the glaze color you want, that doesn't mean Abby doesn't have it!  Inventory can be limited on some options, but Abby tries to keep things stocked in all five different glaze options.

If Abby doesn't have an item in the glaze combination you want you can custom order a piece with which ever glaze option you wish.
Abby mixes most all of her own glazes, making her colors unique and individual to her work.  She refers to her glazes as 'jewel tones,' as they are vibrant rich colors. She also sprays her glazes on creating beautiful subtle differences in color. Most all of her pieces have at least three different glazes applied giving her vessels a beautiful range of color and variation. She has five different glaze combinations for her vessels, giving costumers a full range of options.

Because each piece is handmade, items will vary. This is true of the glaze color as well. Although glaze colors generally come out of the kiln the same each time, sometimes things can vary. This is part of what makes pottery so unique and beautiful! The samples below are examples of glaze colors and not a precise image of what every piece may look like.

The glaze colors you see are the only colors that are available. If you have questions about glazing, please feel free to contact Abby.  

Northern Lights

Maroon Purple 

Cobalt Blue

Autumn Rust

Spring Green

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