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Turkey Feathers
All pottery vessels are handmade and glazed, making every piece unique and different. All items are and created from high quality porcelain clay and finished in an electric oxidation firing. All prices include tax. 

To order something you see on a gallery page, please contact Abby to check inventory or to place an order. Abby tries to keep all pottery vessles available in all glaze combinations, not just the sample you see shown (excluding Reindeer Ornament, white glaze only).
***Help Abby find a cure for Parkinson's Disease! Each pottery Reindeer Ornament is handcrafted from a cookie cutter made by Abby's grandfather who was a baker and died with Parkinson's Disease. Each ornament has the word 'believe' slip trailed on it using an icing tube that also belonged to her grandfather. Part of the proceeds from each ornament will be donated to research and finding a cure.
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