Abby Lingle Pottery

About Abby

I make all my own texture tools. Each is hand carved out of clay to create unique personal designs and interesting textures for my work.

My story

making mud into art

I dream up and craft each piece you see here. In the summer I travel the state of MN selling my pieces at art shows. In the winter I work up new inventory. In between I'm a mom to two small kids.

​I fell in love with clay in high school, though my family will tell you my love for big artful messes began much earlier. If someone in the family needed tape or scissors, it was best to check with me first. My sisters' desks were strewn with books and papers. Mine was littered with tiny pieces of colored paper, beads, thread--objects waiting for the next creative expression.

I chose a profession in porcelain because I love its earthiness. I start each piece by mixing my own mud, crafting it to realize strong, elegant forms. I use slip trailing, carving and stamping to bring organic beauty to everyday functional objects. 

These days my workspace is still a mess. Instead of paper and scissors, you'll find wheels, buckets and sprayers for my studio-made glazes, homemade stamping and carving tools, and lots of white clay. The beauty is in the product, not the shop. ;)

Despite the mess, I hold my work to a very high standard of craftmanship. Each finished piece is food, microwave, dishwasher and oven safe. I turn mud into art so it can be part of your everyday life.​